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Title: New methodology for the assessment of ecologic risk based on Rough Set Theory with applied example on the Olt river.
Authors: Arama, Madalina Georgeta
Keywords: Rough Set Theory;Ecological risk assessment;Olt River
Issue Date: 2012
The project applied the Rough Set Theory in applications for the assessment of environmental impact/risk for the water bodies using information selected from the INCD-ECOIND Bucharest monitoring databases.
The development of the general conceptual model has been done for the water bodies as they are defined in the national and European legislation. Specific conceptual models have been derived from the general
one for the environmental impact/risk assessment brought by hazardous substances discharged in the sewage systems. The project realized also the automated calculus spread sheets with data for the Olt river (five consecutive monitoring years) and for the sewage system of Bucharest city (two consecutive monitoring years). Procedures and user manual for methodology application have been realized. The methodology is able to assess the increase /decrease of the premises of the negative consequences of pollution and consequently of the environmental risk.
Program Nucleu PN 09 13 04 04
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