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Title: Applying of photolitic processes in advenced degradation of some xenobiotics from municipal wastewater
Authors: Stefanescu, Mihai 
Nitoi, Ines 
Nicolau, Margareta 
Pena-Leonte, Eliza 
Cosma, Cristiana 
Ballo, Aureliea 
Keywords: Trichlorobenzene;Hexachlorobenzene;AOPs;Photolysis;Ozonation
Issue Date: 2007
This paper presents the systematic researches for removal of xenobiotics (trichlorobenzene-TCB, hexachlorobenzene-HCB) from the effluent of classical municipal wastewater treatment plant in order to reuse it for agricultural purposes.
Degradation of chlorobenzenes using various photoinduced oxidation processes such as UV/H2O2, UV/O3 and UV/H2O2/O3 was investigated.
Comparative analyses of removal efficiencies for TCB and HCB taking into account tested operating parameters were performed.
The operating parameters with significant influence upon the removal efficiencies of chlorobenzenes in homogeneous AOPs are as following: micropollutants concentrations, reaction/irradiation time and oxidants doses (H2O2, O3).
The selected variant, based on laboratory experiments could be used as tertiary treatment step for the municipal wastewater treatment plant, after verification of microbiological indicators, and the final effluent could be used in agricultural purposes - irrigations.
Santiago de Compostela, Spain
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