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Title: Zinc recovery from artificial fibre prodn. acidic waste waters ­ comprises two step pptn. with sodium hydroxide and then sodium carbonate soln.
Other Titles: Procedeu de recuperare a zincului din ape reziduale
Authors: Cruceru, Mihail
Chircu, Seia
Craiu, Cornel
Keywords: Zinc
Residual water
Issue Date: 30-Jan-1983
Abstract: Zn is recovered in 98% yield from residual waters of artificial fibre prodn. by first treating the acidic residue at 90-­95 deg.C with a 30% NaOH soln. to pH 4­-5., and then treating with a 10% Na2CO3 soln. to pH 8.5-­9.5. The pptd. Zn concentrate is sepd. from the supernatant liq. by decantation or filtration, converted to ZnSO4 and crystallized.
Description: Patent Assignee Name(s) and Code(s): INST EPUR APEL REZI
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