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Title: Di:valent sulphur cpd.­ -contaminated waste water and gas purificn. ­ - by contact with inorganic copper, iron and nickel salt catalyst
Other Titles: Procedeu de epurare a apelor reziduale si a gazelor impurificate cu compusi de sulf bivalent
Authors: Cruceru, Mihail
Craiu, Cornel
Toader, Felicia
Keywords: Wastewater treatment
Divalent sulph
Issue Date: 30-Nov-1982
Abstract: Waste waters and gases contaminated with divalent S cpds. are purified by treatment with an inorganic Cu, Fe and Ni salt catalyst in ratio 0.01-­10: 0.15­-15:0­5, expressed in g/l, at NTP, for 30­-60 mins. The recovered catalyst is then recycled. Before contact with catalyst, residual waters are set to pH 3.5-­6.5 with H2SO4. After contact, they are basified with alkaline hydroxides at pH 7­-10 and decanted.
Description: Patent Assignee Name(s) and Code(s): INST EPURAREA APELO
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