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Title: Purifying residual industrial waters contg. organic contaminants by initial incomplete purificn. with catalytic redox system followed by complete biological purificn. with active sludge
Other Titles: Procedeu pentru epurare avansata a apelor reziduale
Authors: Cruceru, Mihail
Licaret, Constantin
Teodorescu, Lavinia
Keywords: Wastewater treatment
Organic compounds
Issue Date: 30-Jul-1985
Abstract: Residual industrial waters polluted with organic cpds., e.g. HCHO, butanol, isobutanol, MeOH, propylene glycol and pentaerythritol, are purified by first treating with a catalytic redox system, consisting of FeCl3 and CuSO4 or of FeSO4 and CuSO4, with stirring or bubbling air through the water, at the temp. and pressure of the ambient medium. After reaching a degree of purity of 74-81%, the waters are passed to a biological purificn. plant with active sludge. A final degree of purificn. of 97-99% is achieved, expressed in the CCOCr system. The catalysts can be reused for a new purificn. process.
Description: Patent Assignee Name(s) and Code(s): INST EPURAREA APELO
ISSN: Patent no. RO 86643-A
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