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Title: Copper recovery from electrical engineering industry waste consists of electrolysis of copper nitrate soln. using metal cathode and graphite anode
Other Titles: Procedeu de obtinere a cuprului electrolitic
Authors: Cruceru, Mihail
Licaret, Constantin
Duda, Sanda
Keywords: Copper
Issue Date: 30-Apr-1985
Abstract: The process comprises electrolysis of copper nitrate solutions with Cu2+ = 2-110 g/l, acidity (NO3) = 0.1-35 g/l. The electrolysis, at normal temp., employs cells with a sepg. membrane, a metal cathode and a graphite anode. The current density is 2.3 A/dm2, the electrolysis taking place on one or both sides of the membrane. ADVANTAGE Electrolysis, on one or both sides of the separating membrane, takes place at normal temp.
Description: Patent Assignee Name(s) and Code(s): INST EPURAREA APELO
ISSN: Patent no. RO 86772-A
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