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Title: The methodology for transposing the requirements of the standards of quality and environmental management in order to increase quality of service in local government
Authors: Anghel, Ana
Keywords: Standards;Implementation
Issue Date: 2013
The project aims at coming to support local governments in the country with a methodology to ensure their implementation, evaluation and certification of two systems of quality management and environment
successfully, professionally, efficiently and in a relatively short time, so as to contribute the achievement of good governance according to Romania's economic development strategy -Orizont 2025.
The project included the following steps:
• Developing a methodology for implementation and evaluation of integrated QMS and EMS management in local government;
• Validation of the methodology by applying a unit of public administration,and
• Evaluation of the integrated management system in order to certify it.
Program NUCLEU PN 06-13 04 05
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