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Title: The methodology for determining the dangerousness of waste based on identifying the characteristics of the component compounds
Authors: Guta, Doina
Keywords: Rural communities;Environment
Issue Date: 2015
In Romania, the disparities between urban and rural areas are much higher than in most European Union states. There are situations when public authorities, especially in rural areas, do not have the necessary capability to identify and solve a number of important specific problems of the communities that they manage, inclusive relating to environment. The EU has a common rural development policy which Romania, as a member country, should apply, and the environmental problems of rural communities are key components of this policy. Starting from these considerations, the paper presents a study on both the facts and solutions for solving environmental problems characteristic of rural space in Romania, which underlies of a management model of environmental issues specific to this space.. Punctually, is about aspects regarding:
environmental components and natural resources quality; waste and wastewater management; ecological agriculture; green energy sources; biodiversity and natural heritage; the landscape component. For the study, specific information were collected, processed, systematized and interpreted in correlation with the issues addressed so that it can be chosen an optimal model of management from several possible. The model will be a useful tool in the effort of rural local authorities willing to give due weight to preservation the natural heritage and improve quality of life.
Program NUCLEU PN 09-13 04 15
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