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Title: Environmental cadastre and ecological action plan of the Rivers Fehér-Fekete- and Kettős-Körös, (CRISKOR)
Authors: Andres, Ladislau
Keywords: Ecological action plan;River
Issue Date: 2012
By means of enumerating and evaluating the activities that have impact on the environment of the region concerned, this project attempts to outline prospective and sustainable methods of environmental management and conservation. Its primary object is to reveal the human activities posing serious risks to the environment in the region, most especially in the catchment area of the Körös Rivers. Moreover, by identifying the scale of contamination based on scientifically validated methods, the project attempts to propose a programme to cushion the effects of those human activities. The target group includes the residents and farmer groups in the region. It is expected that the environmental cadastre, conducted in a manner mentioned above, with the assistance of a survey of environmental awareness, and both a professionally prepared environmental impact study, and risk assessment procedures pave the way for the production of an action plan the major goal of which is to maintain the ecological carrying capacity of the physiographically uniform region.
HUNGARY – ROMANIA Cross-Border CO-operation Programme 2007-2013, cod proiect: HURO/0901/238/1.3.4.
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