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Title: Elaboration of an integrated management of wastewater/chemical sludge with heavy metal content
Authors: Stefanescu, Mihai
Keywords: Integrated management;Sludge
Issue Date: 2011
The experimental research of the project aimed to elaborate a treatment flow stabilization/solidification/inertization of chemical sludge with heavy metal content in order to become inert/harmless waste according with Order 95/2005. The obtained results emphasized that the proposed waste treatment flow (chemical sludge from mine wastewater treatment plant) can transform dangerous waste into inert/harmless waste which can be disposed or used bay potential beneficiary. The main steps of the proposed treatment flow are: grinding – waste homogenization/additive adding (cement, sand, water) / paste homogenization/drying.
Program NUCLEU PN 09-13 03 05
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