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Title: Study on the implications of applying measures to reduce mercury emissions and use stipulated in the EU Mercury Strategy
Authors: Dinu, Laurentiu Razvan
Keywords: Mercury emissions
Issue Date: 2007
The project carried out an analysis of the implications they trigger, the economic operators in the industry, the provisions of the EU Mercury Strategy. Alternatives for compliance with the provisions of this strategy were assessed. The project results have helped to facilitate commercial approach and technical aspects that involve the application of EU Mercury Strategy. ECOIND was responsible for the following industrial activities:
mining- primary mercury production, secondary mercury production, intentional use of mercury and its derivatives in production processes from chemical industry, e.g. chlor-alkali industry, mercury cells
decommissioning, catalytic processes, organic synthesis, tanning, steel browning etc. A screen for 451 economical units was done. Dissemination of results was done within a seminar with participation of relevant authorities and economic agents.
Sectorial MECMA, Subcontract de cercetare nr. 1/2006 la
contractul nr. 3/210069/2006
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