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Title: Development and authorization of an assessment and certification centre of adults professional skills in the environmental protection field – PROMEDIU
Authors: Criste, Virgil
Keywords: Environmental manager;Environmental auditor
Issue Date: 2011
Through the project was developed and authorized, for CSFPM, a center for evaluation and certification of professional competence in the field of environment, for two qualifications: environmental manager and
environmental auditor. Were formed 15 experts for development of assessment tools and 4 evaluation experts of professional competence (2 for INCD ECOIND). Were developed assessment tools for both qualification and procedures and working instruments for setting up and operation of the centre. Were tested
the evaluation instruments by performing 5 evaluations of candidates by each evaluator.
Program Operational Sectorial pentru Dezvoltarea Resurselor Umane 2007-2013, Axa prioritara 1, Domeniul major de interventie 1.4
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