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Title: More efficient capitalization of the industrial by-products by developing for farm animals innovative nutritional strategies friendly to animal, human and environment, component of sustainable agriculture
Authors: Criste, Virgil
Keywords: Efficient capitalization;Sustainable agriculture
Issue Date: 2018
The project follows the developing of new nutritional strategies made up of innovative complex feed recipes for farm animals, friendly to animals, humans and the environment; database of by-products, with nutritional interest for animals, with their characterization and impact in the price of feed; know-how on superior capitalization of '’low cost’' by-products resulting from national food industry through the new nutritional solutions. In the project are experimenting the new nutritional solutions for laying hens, broilers, fattening pigs and dairy cows. The INCD ECOIND project team activities consist in determining from the samples of by-products and compound feed the compounds with risk potential for animal welfare and the environment, identifying the risk factors and assessing the impact of application of the nutritional solutions for animals and the environment through microbiological and heavy metals determinations in manure samples, selection of the nutritional solution based on production / product quality / cost / environmental impact performance that can be recommended for farmers.
Plan Sectorial al MADR 2015-2018 - ADER 2020
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