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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Advanced treatment of effluents originated from pharmaceutical industry by electrochemical processes and/or photo catalysisIhos, Monica
2008Consolidation and enlargement of partnership at regional and European level concerning utilization of electrochemical methods applied for waste waters control and pollution abatementIhos, Monica
2016Custom-made dimensionally stable anodes for diclofenac electrochemical degradationIhos, Monica; Bogatu, Corneliu; Cristea, Ionut; Manea, Florica; Pode, Rodica
2014Cyclic voltammetry tool for assessing electrochemical degradation of diclofenacIhos, Monica; Manea, Florica; Pode, Rodica
2014Degradation of piroxicam by electrochemical oxidation at DSA electrodesIhos, Monica; Manea, Florica; Pode, Rodica
2008Degradation of recalcitrant organic compounds by electrochemical methodIhos, Monica; Manea, Florica; Iovi, Aurel
2017Developing and testing of electrochemical methods for the removal of toxic chemicals from industrial effluents and ground waterIhos, Monica
2016Diclofenac degradation by photocatalytically-assisted electrochemical methodIhos, Monica; Lazau, L; Manea, Florica; Andres, Ladislau; Pode, Rodica
2014Diclofenac removal at low concentrations from wastewaters by electrochemical oxidationIhos, Monica; Iancu, Vasile; Petre, Jana
2015Diclofenac removal from aqueous solutions by electro oxidation at Boron-Doped Diamond (BDD) electrodeIhos, Monica; Manea, Florica; Jitaru, Maria; Bogatu, Corneliu; Pode, Rodica
2013DSA electrodes for treating pharmaceutical effluentsIhos, Monica; Lazau, Carmen; Manea, Florica
2013DSA electrodes involvement in photocatalyticallyassisted electrochemical degradation of ibuprofenIhos, Monica; Manea, Florica; Botau, Dimitrie; Militaru, Cosmina; Lazau, Carmen; Pode, Rodica
2011The electrochemical behaviour of DSA and BDD electrodes during diclofenac electrooxidationIhos, Monica; Manea, Florica; Botau, Dimitrie; Iovi, Aurel
2009Electrochemical behaviour of modified SnO2 anodes in the presence of phenolic pollutantsIhos, Monica; Manea, Florica; Bocea, Gligor; Jitaru, Maria
2012Electrochemical determination of diclofenac using boron-doped diamond electrodeIhos, Monica; Remes, A; Manea, Florica
2011Electrochemical methods applied to pharmaceutically active compounds degradation from wastewatersIhos, Monica; Botau, Dimitrie; Andres, Ladislau
2008Enhanced degradation of some refractory pollutants from industrial effluents by electrochemical processesIhos, Monica
2015Fluoride removal from aqueous media by electrogenerated Al(OH)3Ihos, Monica; Andres, Ladislau
2012Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs degradation by electrochemical methodsIhos, Monica; Botau, Dimitrie
2018Pharmaceutically active compounds degradation using doped TiO2 functionalized zeolite photocatalystIhos, Monica; Bogatu, Corneliu; Lazau, Carmen; Manea, Florica; Pode, Rodica