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Cozea, Andreea
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Andreea Cozea holds the position of 2nd-degree scientific researcher within INCD ECOIND, Pollution Control Department, with the title of Ph.D. Biotechnological Engineer. She holds postdoctoral studies at the University of Transylvania Brasov, Faculty of Food and Tourism in the field of "Innovative Products and Processes". She graduates with a Ph.D. at the Faculty of Biotechnology, University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest. Her research activity was carried out mainly in research projects, being a co-author in two national patents, in addition, she was part as project manager or member of the working team in different projects.
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1Oct-2020Analytical methods for the determination of Cr6+ from fixed source emissionsPetrescu, Mihaela ; Bucur, Elena ; Danciulescu, Valeriu ; Cozea, Andreea ; Borcescu, Claudia Mihaela ; Bratu, Mihai ; Tanase, Gheorghita 
22018Aspects regarding the use of some species of plants as bioindicators in air quality assessmentCozea, Andreea ; Bucur, Elena ; Lehr, Carol Blaziu ; Pascu, Luoana Florentina ; Tanase, Gheorghita 
3Oct-2020Comparative assessment of air pollutant emissions from brick manufacturingDanciulescu, Valeriu ; Bucur, Elena ; Petrescu, Mihaela ; Bratu, Mihai ; Cozea, Andreea ; Tanase, Gheorghita 
4Jun-2022Concentration versus number of particles in the assessment of air pollution with particulate mattersDanciulescu, Valeriu ; Cozea, Andreea ; Bucur, Elena ; Tanase, Gheorghita ; Bratu, Mihai 
5Dec-2021Exposure assessment using biomonitoringCozea, Andreea ; Tanase, Gheorghita ; Neagu, Mihaela 
62018Processing of sea buckthorn fruits by electro-osmosis under pressureDobre, Tanase ; Parvulescu, Oana Cristina ; Popescu, Mariana ; Guzun-Stoica, Anicuta ; Cozea, Andreea 
72020Sensitive bioindicator plants studies, under the environmental conditions of climate change impactCozea, Andreea ; Manea, Gheorghe Cosmin ; Bucur, Elena ; Catrina, Gina Alina