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Title: Analysis of the state of ambient air in the border region Bulgaria Romania
Authors: Filipova, Margarita
Zheleva, Ivanka
Rusev, Petar
Stefanova, Antoaneta
Tcvetanova, Irina Ivanova
Keywords: Air pollution;Pollutants;Monitoring system
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: National Research and Development Institute for Industrial Ecology, INCD-ECOIND
Air pollution has a significant impact on human health, environment and economy. Air pollution
comes from a variety of sources including the industry, transport and agriculture. Every day, air
pollution causes respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. The pollution causes damages of ragile
ecosystems and biodiversity. It also reduces the yield of crops and commercial forest yields.
Therefore, it is vital to take action both at home and together with other countries - across borders
and sectors.
Air pollution by sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ammonia, non-methane volatile organic
compounds and particulate matter create the most serious problems for human health and they
are the main reason for the deterioration of ecosystems. These air pollutants in the border area
Bulgaria – Rumania are presented and analyzed in the present paper.
International Symposium "The Environment and the Industry", SIMI 2016
ISSN: L : 1843-5831
(on-line): 2457-8371
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