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Title: Establishing interrelations between saturated and unsaturated zone premises for studying hazards near municipal landfills. Case study
Authors: Stanescu, Bogdan 
Batrinescu, Gheorghe 
Kim, Lidia 
Keywords: Landfill;Unsaturated zone;Groundwater;Pollutants
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: SYSCOM 18 SRL
Non-compliant landfills present on intervals of time after the closure period pollutants
emissions that affect the environmental quality. It is, therefore, imperative to identify and study the
hazards induced by the emissions of the pollutants into the environment, representing an important
step in the environmental risk assessment. For a landfill site chosen as a case study, located in Bucharest, were conducted in situ and laboratory investigations which consisted of: drilling a number
of 6 wells for groundwater quality control, located in downstream, reported to the direction of the
groundwater flow; sampling and characterization of the 24 soil samples from the unsaturated zone
and samples of the groundwater from the wells. a small stream that drains the area to the south to
the river Dambovita was also qualitatively analysed. the quality indicators analysed were considered representative of the activities carried out in the area of the landfill site, and the results were
correlated with lithologic elements identified in location. The results presented in this article led to
important conclusions: highlighting the hydraulic connections between surface and underground
water, where there are permanent exchanges, the pollutants emitted by the landfill are accumulated
mainly on this level.
Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology Volume 14 Issue 4
ISSN: 1311-5065
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