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Title: Research and on-site pilot level study for the ""High Density Sludge"" (HDS) technology for mine water treatment
Authors: Dinu, Laurentiu Razvan
Keywords: HDS;Mine water;Water management
Issue Date: 2012
The main project objective was to evaluate ""High Density Sludge for ARD treatment. Study site laboratory tests to treat mine water - site Fata Mare Detailed design for on-site pilot plant, Qmax = 1 m3/h, adequate for
HDS process study on Fata Mare site. Procurement and sub-systems assembly. Permitting issues management - town planning, water management, environment, MECMA DGRM, CONVERSMIN, industrial on-site operator.
Pilot plant installation at the Fata Mare site.
Piloting and optimization and performance evaluation for the Geco
Noranda HDS alternative.
On-site workshop and on-site demonstration."
Sectorial MECMA, contract Contract 13/ 24.10.2011
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