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Title: Arsenic and pesticide removal from natural water by an effective, safe and compact-sized separation system (SEPAR)
Authors: Cosma, Cristiana
Keywords: Arsenic
Drinking water
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: The experiments of arsenic and lindane removal from water were performed in the frame of the project and the results were represented by three technologies of micro pollutants removal from drinking water in a laboratory modular pilot installation:  arsenic removal by the followings treatment phases: arsenites oxidation with hydrogen peroxide – coprecipitation arsenates with lime in the presence of ferric ion – microfiltration – ultrafiltration;  lindane removal by applying the followings flow treatment steps: adsorption on activated carbon powder – microfiltration –ultrafiltration;  Removal both arsenic and lindane by the followings treatment phases: arsenites oxidation/partial lindane oxidation with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of ferric iron – coprecipitation of arsenates with lime – microfiltration – ultrafiltration. The elaborated treatment flows led to treated effluents in the frame of quality limits for the studied pollutants (arsenic 10 μg/l, lindane 1μg/l).
Description: Program international CORINT EUREKA - 46/2006
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