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Title: The application of the experimental phytoremediation model of the energy crops on polluted or degraded natural lands
Authors: Nicorescu, Valeria
Keywords: Salix Sp.;Phytoremediation;Manure
Issue Date: 2017
We established the conditions for recovery of degraded natural or polluted lands ,by applying of experimental model for phytoremediation of the energy plants, Salix sp. while crop monitoring to track how energy plants development and hers adaptation to the hostile conditions of the pitch. The project includes new directions for recovery of the sludge from municipal sewage treatment plants and manure from livestock farming
and fattening pigs. It was developed based on studies and experimental data,one model of phytoremediation with Salix. sp of the degraded natural vegetation for a period of 6 months.
Program NUCLEU PN 16 25 03 08
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