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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Range of cosmetics based on natural extracts with role of protection against environmental pollution factorsManea, Stefan; Tamas, Viorica; Carabela, Viorica; Dima, Andreea; Luntraru, Cristina
2015Rapid analysis methods of chemical oxigen demand by coupling oxidation reaction with luminol chemiluminescence systemCristea, Ionut
2017Rapid method for evaluation of metallic mobile fraction from sewage sludge samplesMarin, Nicoleta; Vasile, Gabriela; Simion, Marius; Pascu, Luoana; Lehr, Carol
2013REACT- Integrated system for dynamic monitoring and warning for technological risks in Romania-Bulgaria cross-border areaLehr, Carol Blaziu
2011Realization of poultry products using new recipes, structured on raw materials obtained in ecological conditionsCriste, Virgil
30-Aug-1985Recovering coagulant from treating residual waters by dissolving hydroxide formed, residual and unused acid, adding and formaldehyde, washing aminoplast and reusing waterParmac, Sorin; Buliga, A.; Cruceru, Mihail; Dumitrescu, Emil; Costov, Ioan; Ghiorghiu, G.
15-Sep-1988Recuperation of silver from photosensitive material waste ­ consists of washing with sodium hydroxide soln., sludge separation, and alkaline fluxing after dryingParmac, Sorin; Costov, Ioan; Trestioreanu, F.; Beleaua, Victor; Polgar, I.; Stanciu, M.
2017Recycling fly ash in phytoremediation processes of soils polluted with oil productsNicorescu, Valeria
2013Recycling solid wastes as polymer compositesRopota, Ion; Bratu, Mihai; Dragnea, Draga; Dumitrescu, Ovidiu; Muntean, Ovidiu; Muntean, Marcela
2011Reducing noise pollution by using new types of ecological composite materialsBratu, Mihai; Vasile, Andrei
2011Reduction of organic compounds content of the wastewater milk industry using composite permselective materialsBatrinescu, Gheorghe; Cuciureanu, Adriana; Birsan, Elena
2013Regulation of concentration of chemical substances including hazardous ones-a scientific challengeArama, Madalina Georgeta
2011Relationship between content of stable metals and radionuclides in soils around the largest thermal power plant in Serbia and soil particle-size fractionsĆujić, Mirjana; Gajić, Boško; Janković-Mandić, Ljiljana; Slavković-Beškoski, Latinka; Momčilović, Milan; Dragović, Snežana
2016Relationship between sediment and surface water body - pollutant transfer from solid to liquid phaseCosma, Cristiana; Patroescu, Viorel Ion; Cristea, Ionut
2016Relationship between structure of some nitroaromatic pollutants and their degradation kinetic parameters in UV-VIS/TiO2 systemNitoi, Ines; Oancea, Petruta; Constantin, Lucian; Raileanu, Malina; Crisan, Maria; Cristea, Ionut; Cosma, Cristiana
2017Removal of Cr(VI) and Cd(II) from aqueous solutions using natural sorbents: volcanic tuff and walnut shellsEL Boutaybi, Belal; Dediu, Violeta; Cosma, Cristiana
2013Removal of Cr3+ from waste solution by a bulk liquid membrane and Ion- Exchange membrane Nafion 117Pacurariu, Liliana; Mateescu, Mariana; Szczepanski, Piotr; Danciulescu, Valeriu; Nechifor, Aurelia Cristina
2013Removal of dissolved organic carbon by processes of coagulationMasu, Smaranda
2015Removal of fluoride ion from aqueous systems by electrochemical processesIhos, Monica
2016The removal of heavy metals using the bulk liquid membrane techniqueMirea, Cristina Monica; Diaconu, Ioana; Ruse, Elena; Serban, Ecaterina Anca; Clej, Dumitra Daniela; Popa, George Alexandru; Popa, Daniela Florentina; Nechifor, Gheorghe