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Diana Puiu is a scientific researcher and chemist. She graduated the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Bucharest, in the field of Environmental Science and Environmental Chemistry. She accumulated experience mainly in the area of analytical chemistry, where she carried out research studies involved the design of new analytical methods to determine different emergent organic compounds from environmental samples by using gas chromatography techniques. In addition to quantitative analysis, she developed qualitative methods for unknown semi-volatile organic compounds from wastewater samples. The quality level of the studies was improved by applying the concepts of data assessment in accordance with the objectives of Environmental Pollution Control and Pollution Monitoring.
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1Sep-2018Comparative study of α and β- pinene content in volatile oils of Abies alba, Pinus sylvestris, Juniperus communis, Rosmarinus officinalis, Salvia officinalis and Coriandrum sativumPopescu, Mariana ; Puiu, Diana ; Raiciu, Anca Daniela 
2Jul-2020Determination of Hypoglycemic Agents in Surface Water Samples Using SPE-LC-MS/MS MethodIancu, Vasile ; Niculescu, Marcela ; Puiu, Diana ; Galaon, Toma ; Petre, Jana ; Pascu, Luoana Florentina 
3Feb-2020Determination of some beta-blockers in surface water samplesIancu, Vasile ; Puiu, Diana ; Radu, Gabriel Lucian 
428-Dec-2022Dimethyl phthalate removal from aqueous system using a photocatalytic membrane reactor with suspended photocatalystConstantin, Lucian Alexandru ; Constantin, Mirela Alina ; Barrere, Ilona ; Puiu, Diana ; Nita, Cristian 
5Jul-2023Evaluation of Thermodynamic Parameters for Cu(II) Ions Biosorption on Algae Biomass and Derived BiocharsCiobanu, Alina Alexandra ; Bulgariu, Dumitru ; Ionescu, Ioana ; Puiu, Diana ; Vasile, Gabriela Geanina ; Bulgariu, Laura 
6Oct-2020HPLC detection of synthetic dyes in residual waters from wastewater treatment using adsorption on magnetic materialsTatarus, Alina ; Simionescu, Claudia Maria ; Scutariu, Roxana Elena ; Iancu, Vasile ; Pirvu, Florinela ; Puiu, Diana ; Galaon, Toma 
7Dec-2019In Vitro sorption study of some Organochlorine Pesticides on Polyethylene Terephthalate microplasticsScutariu, Roxana Elena ; Puiu, Diana ; Nechifor, Gheorghe ; Niculescu, Marcela ; Pascu, Luoana Florentina ; Galaon, Toma 
82019Mobility of some high persistent organochlorine compounds from soil to Mentha PiperitaPuiu, Diana ; Popescu, Mariana ; Niculescu, Marcela ; Pascu, Luoana Florentina ; Galaon, Toma ; Postolache, Carmen 
92017New Study Concerning the Biodegradation of Dimethoate, Chlorpyrifos and Chlorfenvinphos in some Medicinal PlantsPuiu, Diana ; Galaon, Toma ; Cruceru, Liliana ; Niculescu, Marcela ; Mihalache, Madalina ; Pascu, Luoana Florentina ; Popescu, Mariana 
10Dec-2023Polysulfone and cellulose acetate-based membranes' potential application to photocatalytic membrane reactorsConstantin, Lucian Alexandru ; Constantin, Mirela Alina ; Ionescu, Ioana ; Puiu, Diana 
11Jan-2020PTV In Situ Derivatization of Several Acidic Herbicides Using a Newly Developed GC-MS/MS MethodPuiu, Diana ; Tatarus, Alina ; Scutariu, Roxana Elena ; Cruceru, Liliana ; Galaon, Toma 
12Dec-2021Short investigation on occurrence and removal of semivolatiles during wastewater treatment processesPuiu, Diana