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Stefanescu, Mihai
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Mr. Mihai Stefanescu is a chemist with more than 20 years of research activity in the field of environmental protection especially water and wastewater treatment. He graduated University of Bucharest with a chemistry and physicist license and Politehnica University of Bucharest for master's and Ph.D. theses. His work offered a practical solution for water, groundwater and soil remediation, taking into account the new green and environmentally friendly technologies
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1Jul-2020Advanced removal of trichloroethylene from water by sonolysis, biocatalytic oxidation and ultrafiltrationStefanescu, Mihai ; Cristea, Ionut ; Batrinescu, Gheorghe 
2Oct-2020Application of ultrasonic disintegration to waste activated sludge for increasing of biogas production by anaerobic digestionPatroescu, Viorel Ion ; Dinu, Laurentiu Razvan ; Stefanescu, Mihai ; Badescu, Valeriu ; Cristea, Ionut ; Martin, Coline 
325-Jun-2021Environmental friendly flocculants for drinking water treatmentStefanescu, Mihai ; Dinu, Laurentiu Razvan ; Bumbac, Costel 
4Dec-2019Modern biogas generation method based on ultrasonic and anaerobic fermentation of municipal wastewater biological sludgeStefanescu, Mihai ; Nechifor, Gheorghe ; Patroescu, Viorel Ion ; Dinu, Laurentiu Razvan ; Ionescu, Ioana ; Damian, Constantin 
52020Removal of trichloroethylene from water by biological and ultrasonic processesNechifor, Gheorghe ; Stefanescu, Mihai ; Cristea, Ionut ; Simionescu, Stefania ; Frunzulica, Carmen 
62019Ultrasonic alkaline pretreatment of biological activated sludge from wastewater treatment plantsStefanescu, Mihai ; Dinu, Laurentiu Razvan ; Bumbac, Costel 
728-Dec-2022Ultrasonication for removal of organic micropollutants from waterStefanescu, Mihai